Upgrade Your MMA Game

Vello has strapped on the gloves. We’ve warmed up the arm bars. Mouth guards are on the bite. Use these legends to get hands-on advice from the octagon’s inner circle and use their weapons grade combat advice to make sure you’re always fight-ready.

She’s the only MMA fighter in history, male or female, to become a Grand Slam Champion, holding world championships across four major MMA promotions. She truly is the sports GOAT.
The nicest guy in MMA, he’ll give you decades of elite advice on striking, nutrition and how to fight to win.
This octagon kingpin holds the heavyweight record for the most finishes and submission victories. Ask him how to become a longevity stud of the fight game.
A retired fighter pilot, he’s also officiated some of the UFC’s biggest fights. If you want the inside information on what really happens in the octagon, like which fighter smells like hotdog water, he’s the man with his nose in the action.
An Ultimate Fighter alumnus is a seasoned competitor who can give you the skills and know-how to add fireworks to your next sweat session.

Nutrition. Technique. Recovery. Career highlights. Training. Sports psychology.

All these MMA legends are on Vello to give you the advice you need to get your body off airplane mode. Does your idea of exercise involve popping the lid off something fizzy and watching the UFC? We got you. They also want to share their ultimate sporting moments or just who will chalk up a win the next fight. All you need do is ask via video. Get the upgrade. Share their advice with your friends and these elite fighters can share with their followers. Tap Vello. Say it to their face