Your profile in the Vello app will become active once you:

  1. add a Profile Picture and

  2. complete the Bank Setup

1. Setup your Profile

Get your account setup with all the essentials before you start promoting to your followers.

2. Bank Setup

This process will create a Stripe account for you and allow you to connect your bank so we can make payments to you. Payments from users are INSTANTLY added to your Stripe account.

Each week your earnings will be transferred from your Stripe account to your nominated bank account.

All payment details are kept securely with STRIPE featuring best-in-class security tools and practices. Vello does not keep records of information submitted via the Stripe form.

Set your Vello pricing

How much will you charge users to contact you via video message.

Set your VIP Subscription pricing

Login via the web to set your price for users to subscribe to your premium VIP content

Set your time limits

Manage your availability and set a limit for how many Vello's can be purchased each month.

Pin your favourite posts to your profile

Feature up to 6 videos on your profile page. Use this section to add a video about what your followers can expect from your premium VIP subscription or what they can ask you about in a "Vello" video.

Posting Videos

Post a new video to your FREE or VIP followers

Edit or Delete a Post

Made a mistake? Go back and fix it!

How to answer a Vello question

A quick tutorial to show you how to reply to your fans and add the video to your feed.