Vello Influencers Pty Ltd (ACN 634 424 365)
    HLB Mann Judd, Level 9, 575 Bourke Street,
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia


    1. As you know, Vello Influencers Pty Ltd (Vello) is about to launch a mobile based application that allows interactions between Influencers and their Subscribers through the transmission of video and other content (App) in various global territories, including the United States.

    2. Vello would be pleased to have you participate as an Influencer on the App when it launches in the United States later this year (Launch Date).

    3. As part of your participation, you would need to be signed up as an Influencer on the App prior to or on the Launch Date and then reasonably participate as an Influencer on the App on and from the Launch Date (Active Influencer). This could include marketing and promoting the App to your existing followers, engaging with your Subscribers and uploading other exclusive and interesting content.

    4. In consideration for agreeing to be an Active Influencer of the App on and from the Launch Date, Vello agrees to pay, or procure a third party to pay, to you the Exclusive Influencer Royalty at the following exclusivity rate:

    75% of the Subscriber Fee, after deduction of the App Fees


    Subscriber Fee means the fee paid by a subscriber to interact with the qualifying Influencer via the App.

    App Fees means the relevant fees and costs associated with the App being the Stripe payment fees, any hosting or storage fees and charges or other payment fees and less reasonable direct administration costs of Vello.

    1. To receive the Exclusive Influencer Royalty as specified in item 3 above, please sign and return the acknowledgment at the end of the Exclusivity Letter to Vello no later than 14 days from which it is dated.

    2. By signing and returning this Exclusivity Letter to Vello, you acknowledge that you will use reasonable endeavours to be an Active Influencer of the App. If in Vello’s reasonable discretion, it deems that you are not using reasonable efforts to participate as an Active Influencer, Vello reserves its rights to decrease the Exclusive Influencer Royalty to the then current royalty rate paid to Influencers.

    3. This Exclusivity Letter is subject to:
      • you creating a valid account on the App as an Influencer; and
      • the parties entering into the Influencer Terms and any other related documents

    4. For the avoidance of doubt, any issue or dispute arising out this Exclusivity Letter which can be resolved between the parties shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Australian centre for International Commercial Arbitration Rules.

    We look forward to having you as part of the Vello team!

    Kind regards








    acknowledge the contents of this Exclusivity Letter, which relates to the Vello App and confirm that I agree to participate as an Active Influencer upon the launch of the App in the United States.

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