Send a video and get one back.
Connect with the people that inspire you and create a genuine interaction with our 1to1 video messages.   Ask questions, get them to help you on your journey and unlock your own potential. 

Next level AR immersion
Request an AR Vello from your favourite personality¬†and you will be able to ‘place’ their AR response into your real life environment. Drop them in your living room, back yard or at a party with your friends standing around them.

Use the ‘Play & Record’ function to capture the live AR interaction to share with family and friends.

If you don’t want to record your question live in our you can upload any video from your device.

When sending your video if you choose to make your video “private” then it means the influencer has no option to share the video in their feed. The interaction will stay between you and them. If you’re happy for the video to be shared then leave the “private” option off.

Influencers have 30 days to respond. We always do our best to make sure all videos are answered but occasionally the time will run out and you will be refunded your question credit.

Yes! Once you’ve received your reply you can export the interaction and save the video to your device and send to family and friends.

If you would like to request a refund for an In App Purchase these have to be requested via Apple or Google Play.
For purchases made via our website you can contact support@vello.vip to submit your request.