Vello AR

An Augmented Reality platform designed for influencers to monetize fan engagement and create genuine 1on1 interactions via Augmented Reality and video.


Create Augmented Reality content

Fans are able to place their favourite influencer right into their own actual environment.

1on1 Interaction

Your fans pay to send you a message. You reply in your own time.

Instant Stripe Payments

Payments made via Stripe are instantly added to your on account*

Set your price & availability

Choose your own pricing and set limits on how many people can contact you per month..

Structured Content

Post FREE video and AR content to all followers.
Premium content is only available to paying VIP subscribers.

Safe Online Environment

No comments on posts means no keyboard warriors, no online bullying, no anit-social behaviour!

* Revenue received from In App Purchase are transferred 60 days in arrears due Apple/Google payment policies

CREATE unique content with

Augmented Reality.

Monetize your socials



Download the Vello app and create an account.



Apply to become an influencer & setup your profile.



Post content to your profile and invite your followers to your premium experience.

what is a


The “Vello” experience is the genuine two-way video or AR interaction between Influencers and your Fans with a unique picture-in-picture feature that is recorded and can be shared with friends.


Fans join the app and ‘follow’ your profile.


The fan pays to ask a video question via the app.


Record your response and send it back. Job done.

CREATE Your own

Marketing Funnel.

Vello features 3 different channel options to suit your needs. Use just 1 or all of them, it’s up to you!


This channel is for all your basic content, teasers and everyday videos & AR content. Any vello users can view and follow this content for free.


Add your Premium AR or video content to your VIP channel. Vello users will need to pay your subscription price for access.


Set a price to allow Vello users to contact you directly via video or AR message. You can choose for your response to be public or private.


A genuine 1on1 interaction with your fan.
Connect with the fans that you inspire   They will send you a video and ask a questions which allows you to help them on their journey and unlock your their potential. 

Next level AR immersion
Fans can request an AR Vello from you. The process is essentially the same except your response video converts you into an AR model and your will be able to ‘place’ your AR response into their real life environment.

You do have the option to turn the AR feature off if you wish.

You will have have 30 days to respond.
If you haven’t responded in this time then the fan will get a credit to send you another ‘Vello’.

Fans have 2 payment options.

1. Via the website.
These payments are made via Stripe and are instantly added to your Stripe account (which is setup after your influencer account is approved).

Every 2 weeks, any funds in your account will be automatically transferred to your preferred bank account.

2. Via In App Purchase
These payments will be processed to your preferred account 60 days in arrears due to Apple/Google app store payment procedure.

what about

Apple Vision Pro?

With Appleā€™s announcement of the Vision Pro we can take the immersion even further! Your fans will see you in AR as if you are standing right in front of them! We look forward to bringing this level of immersion to all capable devices!



and get started